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Blanched Almond Lips Beauty Makeup YouTu

Private lash lift and tint training located in Richmond, Virgina. 


Small Class Size

We keep our classes small so that you receive individualized training that suits your needs.


Kit & Manual

With your course you will receive a kit with everything you need that will service up to 10 clients as well as a manual.


Continued Education

Along with your course you will also receive a training video of a lash lift being performed.

How long is the class?

Our lash lift course is about half a day in lengh.

What is the class schedule?

Since our classes are private the time we begin will be based on what is most convenient for you! We start the day with going over the manual followed by your instructor performing a demo leaving plenty of time for your model.

What is the cost?

The class is priced at $600 which includes a large kit and certificate. A $300 deposit will be required to reserve your course.

What do I need to bring?

The only thing you will need for your class is a model however, I am always happy to find you one if needed.

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