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"You don’t realize how much time you spend putting

mascara and eye makeup on until you no longer need to.

As an active person, I especially appreciate waking up and already feeling beautiful. Curly Willow Spa is truly is the best!"

-Bailey S.

"When it finally came time to see my new, beautiful lashes,

I was blown away! So much volume, they were flawless!

I didn’t even feel the need to wear any makeup after that.

Sam is a blessing in the lash industry!"

-Kaitlyn B.

"Curly Willow Spa is the most trusted and by far the best in Richmond! Early morning time saver, no fuss curling lashes or applying mascara, and less makeup required. My lashes are low maintenance to maintain and lasts through my long workdays

as a hygienist and powerlifting sessions."

-Parisa S.

“I love my eyelash extensions because even without any makeup,

you look polished and fresh-faced which gives me a huge confidence boost. They are comfortable and I forget they are even there most of the time. I am a lash fanatic for life!"

-Amy R.

"I tried lash extensions for the first time for my birthday and loved them!! But after a month or so I decided they weren't for me (because my lashes shed quickly) and decided to try a lash lift instead. LOVE IT! Even without mascara my lashes look done and with mascara they are perfect! Now I don't need to worry about reapplying mascara if I'm going out later because they stay lifted!"

-Christian R.

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