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What to Expect When Getting Eyelash Extensions

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

You have finally decided to get eyelash extensions, yay! Now you are probably wondering where to book your appointment and what to expect. Let’s go over a few things you need to know before your first appointment!

Choosing a Last Artist

Do your research! We have all heard about scary stories that eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes. Well, the truth is… they shouldn’t harm your lashes at all! This is why finding a properly trained lash artist is so important.

Make sure that you take a look their at social media pages to make sure that their style lines up with the look you are going for. The cool thing about lashes is that they can be completely customized based on each person! However, like any artist, all lash techs have their own style. So choose carefully! Don’t be afraid to reach out to the lash artist you have chosen and ask questions. You can ask them things such as:

-How long have you been doing eyelash extensions/which licenses and certifications do they hold?

-How long does the process take?

-How do you perform eyelash extensions?

-What types of lashes do you offer?

-Do you think that I am a good candidate for extensions?

If they respond saying that they do cluster lashes and in only 30 minutes time. RUN! A lash tech’s response should say that they place one extension on each natural lash in a way that is safe a healthy.

Another thing to take in to consideration when choosing the type of lashes you want is if you want classic or volume extensions. Classic lashes are when one extension is placed per one natural lash. This look will make your lashes appear longer and create a more separated look. Whereas volume lashes (which are my favorite) are fans of 2-10 lashes, perfectly weighted to not harm your lashes. Volume lashes are made by hand and similarly to classic, placed on to each natural lash. Volume lashes will give you a fuller, fluffier look and a dark lash line! Who would not want that?!

Preparing For Your Visit

You have chosen a lash artist and your appointment is booked! Your appointment is only a few days away and you are so excited to get your extensions put on! However, you may not know how to prepare for it. The biggest mistake you can make when going to get your lashes done is going in with dirty lashes. That means No mascara! No eyeliner! No eye shadow!

I always tell my clients coming in for a full set of lashes to go at least 24 hours with out eye makeup. This gives you several chances to completely remove any eye makeup, especially waterproof mascara as it leaves a film on your lashes. So, what is the big deal, it’s only a little mascara right? Surprisingly, it’s a huge deal! The eyelash extension needs to make a strong bond with your natural lash, so when you have mascara or makeup residue, the extension is likely to fall off much quicker than if it had a clean base.

Another tip is try not to drink any caffeine before your appointment! If you are anything like me, my eyes always flutter when I’m getting my lashes done after I have had caffeine making me slightly less comfortable. So on lash day, try drinking one less cup of coffee. You will be getting a good lash nap, anyways!

Once you arrive at your appointment tell lash artist what you want to achieve out of the appointment. Be upfront and honest about your lifestyle so your lash artist can work with you to create your perfect lashes.

Your First Visit

Be prepared to lie down for a period of long time! For a full set of lashes, my appointments usually take between two to three hours. While this sounds like a ridiculous amount of time, it goes by so quick, I promise! Do not be afraid to tell your lash stylist if you need a bathroom or stretch break. Also, take the time to be away from your phone, listen to a podcast, take a nap, or chat with your lash tech!

Next Steps

Lashes are an investment! Before deciding to get extensions, understanding that eyelash extensions take time and care is important. You will need to go for an hour-long fill every 2-3 weeks in order to maintain those beautiful, fluttery lashes! But really, it’s all worth it in the end. Why? Extensions will make you feel like a million bucks and you will be saving so much time. Imagine not having to curl your lashes, use eye shadow, eyeliner, and you can finally throw away that itchy tube of mascara! Goodbye raccoon eyes, hello gorgeous lashes!


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